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Nutritionist one-on-one appointments

Customised nutrition meal plan

Unlimited meal changes

Customised supplementation program

12 months of 3D body scans

App access to track your progress in real time.

Wellness coaching.

1 year membership at Du Val gym and pool.

Your Own Personal
Lifestyle Coach.

Coaching and mentoring is the key to Du Val Health’s individualised journey.
Our team are there to make your journey with us flawless. Success is inevitable
when you are supported through-out your journey.

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“Diet is the future of preventing disease, anti-aging and reversing diabetes. We will empower our clients and provide them with the ultimate science-backed health service”

A Better You

Through the supervision and advice of our team of professionals, you will see a rapid and long-lasting improvement in your health. For every client, we conduct a personal interview and accurate health assessment so that we can achieve your specific health and fitness goals.

Accurate technology

Du Val Health nutritionists utilise the latest 3D body scanner technology to predict and control your food. Our nutritionists can match your food to you. You are one in seven billion and we have the science to match your diet to your personal journey and help you get the results you want.

Du Val Health has worked with compounding pharmacists, doctors, top nutritionists, and a team of interdisciplinary health professionals to formulate over one hundred supporting products to help you transition to a healthier you. We recognise that everyone who faces struggles with the transition, so we compounded products to help you through the process, from anti crave to better sleep to enzymes that stop you overeating. Why struggle? When our medical professionals can create a tailormade supplementary program to your individual needs.


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